What do we believe?

Being creative and learning new skills can be enjoyable, leading to increased confidence, a sense of achievement and improved wellbeing. 


What we offer?

Michelle's friendly and supportive approach means that the print sessions are enjoyable, accessible & sociable.  


Using a portable printing press, we make it easy for you to have a creative workshop at your venue. Each session is tailored to the specific needs, ages and abilities of your group. 


During the workshop, you can try out a particular print technique and gain hands on experience of using a press. 


Workshops focus on any of the following creative print techniques: monoprinting, collagraphs, drypoint, lino printing & lithography as well as making artists' books and more unusual items like paper & fabric teacups.  


Who we work with?

Sea Tern works with primary and secondary schools, colleges, charities, community and voluntary groups amongst others. It also offers training to teachers who want to use print in their classroom.