Here are some recent projects we have delivered with different groups & organisations


Portholes to the Past

Collaborating with CAP NE, we worked with Age UK North Tyneside Men’s Group at Cedar Grove Community Centre.

The group made drypoint prints focusing on the impact of WWI on Wallsend. Research & background information was provided by Northumbria WWI Project

These are on display in the Hearts at Peace exhibition at Segedunum, Wallsend until 12th May 2019


Women on the wall

Making Roman inspired party invitations on Japanese plywood for children & families as part of the ‘Women on the Wall’ event at The Sill, Northumberland National Park for Hexham Book Festival


Thomas Bewick & the Great North Exhibition

To celebrate the Great North Exhibition, primary children at Newburn Manor school made monoprints inspired by the natural history woodcuts of Thomas Bewick.


a better future for all women 

Working with GemArts Gateshead Visible group, we made a banner inspired by the 100 Years of women’s suffrage. The banner was displayed at the PROCESSIONS march in Edinburgh.

This has been exhibited at The Spill Festival, Ipswich